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İbrahim Tatlıses

İbrahim Tatlıses


Ημερομηνία Γέννησης: 1952

İbrahim Tatlıses (born İbrahim Tatlı in 1952) is a Turkish folk singer and former actor. Since the 1970s he has been one of the best-known and most successful singers of the pop Arabesk style. Tatlıses has recorded 42 albums, including notable albums such as Ayağında Kundura and Selam Olsun and was the host of the highly popular television programme İbo Show. He was also a leading actor that appeared in several dozen films, and also has had many business ventures. Of Arab and Kurdish descent, İbrahim Tatlı was born in Urfa, Turkey. His mother tongue is Kurdish. When he was born his father was in prison. He lost his father during childhood, and did not attend high school. He did not know how to read or write growing up. When asked later why he couldn’t read he replied «As if there was Oxford University in Urfa and we didn’t attend it». In his childhood he used to sell water in the streets. He remembers: «I was a child. In order to earn 20 cents more, I was selling water in theaters shouting ’Come on, ice cold water’. One day, a man sitting on an armchair suddenly got up. He slapped me 4 times, saying, "Shut up you donkey, are we going to listen to you all along ?" And those slaps I had brought me this far». He worked as a cold iron master in constructions. He was discovered by a filmmaker from Adana while he was singing in construction. He first came to Adana and later to Ankara, where he took the stage in casinos and pavilions. İbrahim Tatlıses is often regarded as one of the best-known singers of Turkey, being so famous that he has the nicknames "İbo" and "İmparator". He has had a critically acclaimed and illustrious music career in genres such as Turkish folk music and Arabesk, beginning in 1970 at the age of 18 with his first tape Kara Kız/Beni Yakma Gel Güzelim. He sold tapes and sang at weddings/restaurants. He became famous with Ayağında Kundura, which he sang at the Kınalı Pavilion in Ankara in 1974, and first appeared on Ankara Radio and then on television on New Year’s Eve. He moved to Istanbul towards the middle of the 70’s and started performing here. He met there, the musician Yılmaz Tatlıses, who gave him his last name. His album Ayağında Kundura, featuring songs such as Ayağında Kundura, İndim Gülüm Bağına and Kırmızı Kurdele, was a smash hit and propelled him to fame. Some of his earlier songs have Kurdish origin and were translated into Turkish. From then on, the hit albums came one after another, such as the 1983 album Yalan, the 1985 album Mavi Mavi, and the 1987 album Allah Allah. He has recorded a total of 42 albums from 1970 to 2014. İbrahim Tatlıses has appeared in a total of 37 movies/TV shows, beginning in 1978 with Sabuha. In Turkey, well-known singers star in movies with the same name as the album they recently released, and thus the movies include songs from said albums. This is also seen in the 1975 Ayağında Kundura, its namesake being his smash-hit album. From there he appeared in numerous movies in the 1980s and 1990s, further cementing his colossal fame as the most famous singer and a quite well-known actor in Turkey. Aside from the cinema industry, Tatlıses hosted the critically acclaimed and highly successful İbo Show, which aired from 1993 to 2011. It was one of the most-watched and loved shows in Turkey. Tatlıses married his first wife, Adalet Sara, in Urfa. The couple had three children, a son named Ahmet Salim, and two daughters named Gülşen Sara and Gülden Ferrah. In 1979, he began a relationship with his Kara Yazma co-star Perihan Savaş. From his marriage to Savaş, he has a daughter named Melek Zübeyde. Savaş and Tatlıses later got divorced. In 1984, it was reported in the media that claims were made by Savaş that she was beaten for seven hours after being kidnapped by İbrahim Tatlıses, following which she applied to the prosecutor’s office and asked for his arrest. Tatlıses said in his interrogation by the police, "Savaş is the mother of my child. To let her wander around would make it feel beneath me." From his relationship with his Günah co-star, Derya Tuna, he has a son, named İbrahim "İdo" Tatlıses. After returning from Germany, Tatlıses married Ayşegül Yıldız on 27 September 2011 in the rehabilitation facility where he was receiving treatment. Mayor of Şişli Mustafa Sarıgül officiated the marriage service, while Fatih Terim was the witness. Together the couple had a daughter, named Elif Ada. They divorced in November 2013. From his relationship with Işıl Çıtak, Tatlıses had a daughter named Dilan Çıtak, who was born in 1989. He acknowledged and accepted her as his child in 2013. In 2021, he announced his relationship with Gülçin Karakaya, who is 43 years his junior. He was shot in the leg in 1990 and survived an assassination attempt in 1998. On 14 March 2011, he was attacked and seriously wounded in the head. At 00:30 local time, he and his spokeswoman Buket Çakıcı were shot at by unknown assailants after leaving the offices of the private Turkish channel Beyaz TV following his weekly television show. As they entered their vehicle, Tatlises was hit with a bullet that entered the back of his skull and exited through the front. Çakıcı was also hit in the neck, but survived the attack. The perpetrators carried Kalashnikov rifles and escaped in a black car. He was taken to the Acıbadem Hospital in Istanbul for emergency treatment. He underwent a four-hour operation to have the bullet removed, after which he was in stable condition. He regained consciousness five days later. After a week, the doctors announced that he was recovering well. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited him and also announced that he was recovering well. The police in Turkey arrested around 20 people involved in the attack. On April 7, Tatlıses left Acıbadem Hospital with a police escort and travelled to Atatürk International Airport, where he was boarded the Ministry of Health’s Hawker 900XP air ambulance for Germany, to receive intensive rehabilitation at the Murnau Trauma Clinic. Appoint Of Guardian His son Ahmet Tatlises applied to the court because, he thought that his father was not mentally healthy. Applied to the court Appoint Of Guardian. Tatlıses is involved in the restaurant and tourism businesses, as well as in construction projects with business partner Ali Sariyildiz in Iraq. In the 1980s the Turkish government had banned the use of Kurdish; at a concert in Sweden in December 1986, he had sung folk songs in Kurdish and was thus prosecuted for separatist propaganda, but found not guilty in 1987. The charge was dismissed after he showed regret. In 1988, he was asked by businessman Mehmet Yılmaz at a cultural festival in Uşak to sing a Kurdish folk song, but refused, saying "I am a Kurd, but the laws ban me from singing in Kurdish". For this, he was indicted on September 19, 1988. In 1994 there was evidence that Turkish counter-guerrilla organizations targeted Kurdish businessmen, including Tatlıses, İdris Ozbir, Halis Toprak, and Necdet Ulucan. In 1998 it was reported that Tatlıses offered to be an intermediary between the government and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) during the armed conflict. He recorded a song with Iranian Kurdish musician Abdollah Alijani Ardeshir. Discography: 1970: Kara Kız/Beni Yakma Gel Güzelim 1974: Sevdim de Sevilmedim 1975: Bir Yol Göster 1975: Şaşkın 1975: Ayağında Kundura 1975: İbrahim Tatlıses 6 1975: İbrahim Tatlıses Albüm 1975: Ben İnsan Değil Miyim 1976: Ashab Gecesi 1976: Urfa Emektaroğlu Bant Stüdyosu 1977: Can Hatice 1977: Huzurum Kalmadı 1978: Doldur Kardeş İçelim 1979: Ceylan 1979: Toprağın Oğlu Sabuha 1980: Bir Mumdur 1980: Ceylan 1981: Gelme İstemem 1981: Gülmemiz Gerek 1982: Yaşamak Bu Değil 1982: Sen Mutlu Ol Yeter 1983: Yalan 1984: Benim Hayatım 1985: Mavi Mavi 1986: Gülüm Benim/Gülümse Biraz 1987: Allah Allah/Hülya 1988: Kara Zindan 1988: Fosforlu Cevriyem 1989: İnsanlar 1990: Hesabım Var - Söylim mi ? 1991: Vur Gitsin Beni/Yemin Ettim 1992: Ah Keşkem 1993: Mega Aşk 1994: Haydi Söyle 1995: İbrahim Tatlıses Klasikleri 1996: Ben de İsterem 1996: Türkü Dinle,Söyle,Oyna 1998: At Gitsin 1999: Selam Olsun 2001: Yetmez Mı 2003: Tek Tek 2004: Aramam 2005: Sizler İçin 2006: İmparator Siler de Geçer 2007: Bulamadım 2008: Neden? 2009: Yağmurla Gelen Kadın 2011: Hani Gelecektin 2014: Tatlıses Klasiği 2018: Yaylalar 2021: Gelmesin 2023: Medine’ye Varamadım Filmography: 1978: Sabuha 1978: Ayağında Kundura 1978: Toprağın Oğlu 1979: Kara Yazma 1979: Kara Çadırın Kızı 1979: Fadile 1980: Çile 1980: Ayrılık Kolay Değil 1981: Seni Yakacaklar 1981: Yaşamak Bu Değil 1981: Tövbe 1982: Yalan 1982: Alişan 1982: Nasıl İsyan Etmem 1983: Yorgun 1983: Günah 1983: Futboliye 1984: Sevdalandım 1984: Ayşem 1985: Mavi Mavi 1985: Sevmek 1985: Yalnızım 1986: Gülümse Biraz 1986: Yıkılmışım Ben 1986: Sarhoş 1987: Gülüm Benim 1987: Allah Allah 1987: Dertli Dertli 1988: Hülya 1988: Aşıksın 1988: Bir Kulum İşte 1988: Kara Zindan 1988: Ben İnsan Değil Miyim 1989: Ceylan 1989: Fosforlu 1992: Aşık Oldum 1993: Tetikçi Kemal 1997: Fırat (mini) TV Series 2003: Hayat Bilgisi (Mini) TV Series 2009: Hicran Yarası Πηγή: Wikipedia

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